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      We are professional Tuck Pointers. We grind out all bad mortar joints approximately 3/8 depth "minimum" and rinse out debris and then fill the joints back in with premium type "s" mortar mixed with bank sand.

      When needed, all work is chemically cleaned using a Muriatic acid product. All work is Guaranteed! So when it comes to Tuck Pointing, Chimney Repair, Stone Work, and Brick Repairs, Barry Cargill Masonry has the 

knowledge and skill to tackle any job. We have extensive experience rebuilding chimneys, installing new chimney caps and dealing with any other chimney issues. Chimneys usually need the most attention due to the fact that they are more vulnerable to changing weather conditions year after year. We also repair Block Walls and install Glass Block Windows.

      We have references upon request.

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